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Virtual Reality Escape Rooms in Bradley, IL

Black Diamond

Escape In Virtual Reality


In a virtual reality escape room, players wear a headset that immerses them in a digital environment. Players must solve puzzles and find clues to escape the virtual room within a set time limit. The experience can be highly realistic, allowing players to interact with objects and environments in a way that mimics real life. Our games are good for up to 5 players of all ages!

game description section

Hop on the train, take out his drones, navigate through the carriages to reach the ultimate showdown. Collaborate to use a gatling gun, transform metal ingots into practical objects with a smelter, and solve challenges in a cowboy-style by shooting them!


The Earth is under the threat of the biggest meteor to be discovered, which is just 35 minutes away from causing devastation. Your crew is the only savior for humanity. Fix the Tiberia Meteor Defense Platform to prevent the catastrophe from happening before it's too late.


The world's first time machine has been stolen by your co-worker, Dr. Hessenberg, who sent you and the rest of the team to the past where you are about to be prey to the dinosaurs. Discover a way back to the present and prevent any disastrous events by putting a stop to Dr. Hessenberg's actions.


You have arrived at the deep-sea platform Oceanus 5, which has made a significant discovery of the missing Temple of Osiris. It's your team's responsibility to enter the temple and retrieve the priceless artifact within it. The challenge is to accomplish this task before your oxygen supply depletes.


Dreadful dragons are heading towards the Dragon Tower, seeking new prey to satiate their hunger. Unfortunately, this year, you and your companions are the intended victims. Can you all flee from the tower before the dragons make a feast out of you?


Your group of pirates has been cursed and turned into sea creatures, and the only remedy lies in a temple on an island, which is currently inaccessible. But the clock is ticking, and time is running out. Our latest VR game is an unparalleled blend of thrilling pirate adventure and complex puzzle challenges that will put your customers' skills to the test.


The eerie manor of the insane Count Malin is the site of his sinister experiments with hazardous creatures. Your mission is to infiltrate the mansion, scrutinize the situation, and exit unscathed.