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Escape Rooms - Full Bar - Slot Machines
Bradley, IL


What We Offer

"Paradox Emporium is an entertainment spot on Kinzie Avenue (Rt. 50) in Bradley, Illinois. Our goal is to bring fun and challenging activities to the area. Our main attractions are sizable escape rooms and VR rooms, each with its own intricate story-line that will take you from head-scratching to aha and back again. Up in the front, take a seat at the bar or a table, enjoy video poker & slots or enjoy our stylish art gallery filled with pieces from local artists, which are for sale. While you're relaxing we also offer coffee, tea, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, and frozen pizzas for you to enjoy. Here at Paradox, our main focus is to build a creative hub for new ideas & opposing viewpoints alike."

What Is An Escape Room?

Step into another world and experience an immersive adventure unlike anything you've played before. Escape rooms task players with searching for clues, solving puzzles, and working together to escape a locked room in 30 to 60 minutes. Each room is uniquely themed, dropping players into a universe distinctly unlike our own.

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What To Expect at Paradox Emporium

Every escape game you play at Paradox will test your groups ability to think efficiently under pressure, manage your time well, and have fun in the process! We design our rooms with all ages and thought processes in mind, so whether you’re a math wiz or artistic genius, our rooms will have something you’ll enjoy.

Grab your friends, challenge your workmates or bond with family and take on one of our unique escape rooms. Guaranteed to be one of the most enjoyable, intellectually stimulating and physically intriguing experiences you've ever had. See what everyone is talking about and book your spot today!

Check Out Our Reviews!


Love this place! You can go there for an escape room, slots, drinks + darts. Great for date night or going out with friends or family.

Aaron D.

First time doing escape room, really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere! Think his name was Skylar. Good dude, helpful, good experience. .Highly recommend this place.

Benjamin & Mylinh B.

Had a fantastic experience with the entire family (ages 1-60). Fun, challenging, & accommodating to everyone. A must do within the area.